Develop Your Vision and Strategically Plan for the Future.




We strive to provide comprehensive services in a manner that we believe is different than most other construction companies. We like to call this "The Process," and we apply it to each and every project we encounter.


Ferry Construction's Process is unique in that our approach is not fiscally driven, but rather client-centered. We prefer not to create contractual relationships with our clients resulting from hard-bid conditions, but rather operate on a covenant-style, negotiated contract relationship. We make efforts to understand who our client is, what their personality is, what their end goal is, and the driving force behind their project.


In essence, we learn what their vision is so we can then share the vision throughout the entire life of the project. It is unique that we provide services within all disciplines of the building process, therefore providing for each need our clients have, as a one stop business. We work together as a team, whose focus is to add value to each client's ministry or business, as well as each other.


Excellence in all we do is the goal in our client-centered business.


FCS wants to provide you with the tools necessary to develop your vision and strategically plan for the future, while teaching you how to best utilize your budget. FCS can assist your every step in order to bring new life to buildings, worship facilities, or create new spaces from the ground up.


Our team uses their experience in estimating, consulting, project engineering, and project management- combined with an unparalleled attention to detail and extensive communication- to help you develop your dream facility. In doing this we aim to help further your church growth and better convey your vision: from concept to completion.


First and foremost, we have a heart for educating and assisting those with a vision for serving. Our primary focus is not to be your contractor, but rather to consult with your organization to refine your vision and mange the process for you, so you can be free to do what you were called to do. Let us do what we are called to do for you.


In the end, it is not about the building; it's about the people.

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  • Consulting

  • New Facilities

  • Additions

  • Renovations & Remodeling

  • Re-purposing of Space

  • Repair & Maintenance Services

  • Strategic & Long-Range Planning

  • Consulting

  • Retail

  • Restaurant

  • Religious

  • Business

  • Consulting

  • Resorts

  • Hotels

  • Time-Share

  • Expansions

  • Renovations

  • New Construction

  • Repair & Maintenance Services


  • Concept to completion consulting

  • Multiple onsite visits and offsite meetings to completely understand project vision

  • Strategic planning

  • Estimating and Cost Projection & Comparisons for a realistic and workable budget to fit your needs

  • Master/long range planning

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Interior and exterior designs done in-house or through trusted partners

  • Project/Building Committee participation

  • Coordination with City, County, & State Municipalities

  • Architectural & Engineering services done through trusted partners

  • Code Analysis

  • Life Safety Planning