Turning a Vision into Reality

At Ferry Construction Services, we understand what it means to be good stewards. A steward serves as a guiding force in any number of aspects of life, from raising a family to being involved in the community. After 20 years in the construction industry, Scott Ferry has held many titles from project coordinator to regional manager. Scott has been blessed with extensive experience that has allowed him to develop an aptitude to assess and manage construction projects in a way that has earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected names in the local building industry. It is this gift of knowledge combined with a passion for assisting you throughout the entire project that sets FCS apart from the average consulting firm or general contractor.


           provides a different client experience by assisting, educating, and taking the client from vision to reality. It's not about a building, it's about the people.
           focuses on providing excellence in quality and an individualized client experience.  A Christ-like culture applied through the consulting and construction process delivers your project from concept to completion.

O U R   T E A M

Scott Ferry, Owner 

Amy Ferry, Owner | Design Coordinator 

Skeeter Combs, Financial Administrator

Trey Goodwin, Site Manager

Aaron Riemann, Project Manager

Matthew Sapp, Project Manager  

Jackee Winter, Administrative Assistant